Curriculum Vitae


  • Extensive knowledge of most CMS systems, high expertise in WordPress
  • Coordination of external partners
  • Creative and good at thinking outside the box
  • Great experience with UI / UX design
  • Broad knowledge in general multimedia design
  • Used to encode websites from the bottom

Work experience

Web developer
Café Lime
, 10/2016 – 12/2016

This was a temporary freelance job. I was hired for 3 months, to develop their website. It required such time, because they needed a members or club page, for their costumers. The costumer is supposed to go to this memberssite, enter their information and insert a profile photo, and then submit, whereafter a printer in the café, prints out an ID card, and a letter with their information on.
The website also has a shop wich will be released in february/march, where members can log in, and use their gained points to shop.
The website is completely done from my side, and will be completely released in february by them.

Liveweb ApS
, 01/2016 – 10/2016

As resposible for the whole IT part, i had many roles for Liveweb. Part of this was to develop new and maintain old websites. I developed all kinds of websites from a-z. Eg. carpender ID websites, and huge user portals to sportclubs.
Another big role i had, was support from phone and remote desktop controle.
I was also resposible for their social media accounts, as Facebook and Instagram.

95% of the websites were build in wordpress, and the rest, coded from the bottom.

MB Food A/S
, 01/2015 – 12/2015

I worked 1 year for MB Food A/S, and had all kinds of design jobs, except website.
I designet all sort of stuff, from brochures, newsletter, calenders to huge wall banners and promotional videos.

Multimediadesigner / Intern
Fenerbahce SK
, 01/2013 – 04/2015

I was an intern in Fenerbahce Sports Club in Turkey for 3 months. I was responsible for their visual designs for different campaigns, in a team of 3. We did graphic design on things like newsletters, member cards, envelops and so on. I really learned how to work with ekstern collaborators and how to speak and act at big meetings.

Whenever i had no job

When i stood without job, i took all kinds of small jobs as freelancer. 90% of those were webdevelopment, and 10% was printed media.
Among others, i worked with big companies as Qfoods A/S, Bazar Slg, Sweetcake, Missi DK,, Azra denmark and so on.

Volunteer teacher

A group of young boys, wanted to learn, how to build websites, and asked me to teach them.
I gave them classes in HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and introduced them to SEO, PHP and MySQL.
there were 6 students total, and 2 of the studens run their own webshop today. 1 is a freelance webdesigner.


PBA Webudvikler, Roskilde, 08/2013 – 01/2015

Multimediedesigner, EASJ Slagelse, 08/2011 – 01/2013

STX, Slagelse Gymnasium, 08/2007 – 06/2010

Language skills


Personal competencies

Quality conscious

It is natural for me to always give my best to achieve the best possible result or solution.I always think of the user of the product, and goes after userfriendly designs.

Determined fighter

I always struggle to reach the goals set, and I never give up until it’s done. I take the extra time it takes to get the right result first time.

Teamplayer or soloplayer?

I have through my years in different companies and internships, both learned to work well with others, but also to work individually and still achieve results.


I am used to having busy days, and several balls in the air. I am therefore good to keep a good overview of all the tasks i may have at that time. This helps me to achieve results faster.